How ATM Lighting Audits Can Save Your Bank Financial and Legal Stress

By August 26, 2019Banking

“You cannot be successful unless you give it a try.”

When launching or expanding your bank, there are many I’s to dot and T’s to cross. It’s very easy for banks or credit unions to dismiss certain elements that could save them from trouble down the line. One possible scenario is facing a lawsuit that could lose you millions if a customer is robbed or assaulted at an ATM after hours. It’s critical to consider if the premise is properly lit and if the landscape doesn’t make it easier for crime to happen.

This is where Paul Paris comes in.

Paul Paris has 11 years of experience in community banking – a field that has called for him to wear many hats. 10 of those years have been dedicated to ATM lighting audits with ATM Compliance Lighting Consultants. Based out of Dallas, TX, Paul abides by state codes, and he visits banks and credit unions across the nation to ensure that they comply with their state codes. There aren’t many people in the market with this particular focus, so his services are beneficial to the banking community.

On the Banker’s Success Podcast, we sat down with Mr. Paris to discuss what ATM Compliance Lighting can do for the banking community.

In this episode, we will cover:

  • Paul Paris’ background and his role in the banking community
  • Paul’s favorite success quote and how he found his own success
  • What led Paul to pursue ATM lighting audits and how he started his company
  • His first success with ATM lighting audits, client reactions and what he learned about how to go forward
  • What troubles you can avoid by using Paul’s services and what can be disregarded during the bank construction process
  • Importance of lighting and how it can make customers feel more protected and at ease
  • What banks and credit unions tend to do with the information that is collected from Paul’s services
  • A further breakdown of the process and expenses of making the necessary changes
  • Advice and summation

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