How Community Bank Got $2.9 Million More in Deposits

By October 16, 2019Banking

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Nichols and I hosted a webinar all about growing bank deposits fast.

Here’s what Chris had to say about it after we were done…

 “What you taught today is not just a webinar, it’s a masterclass in itself

We presented several unique and proven strategies for growing deposits that the megabanks don’t want you to know about.

And after the webinar, I asked a question:

 What is your #1 question about growing deposits?

The most common answer?

“How can I apply these megabank deposit strategies to my bank’s SPECIFIC situation?”

Great question. And while I can’t do a webinar on every single situation that’s out there, I can do the next best thing.

I can show you how one of my clients took these strategies, implemented them, and achieved big deposit growth fast…

 $2,877,830 in new deposits in just 90 Days 

An ROI of 4,198%

Now, this client of mine is NOT a megabank…it’s a hard-working, small-town community bank like yours.

And I’ll walk you through everything they did and how they boosted deposits by $2,877,830.00 in just 90 Days

  I might regret doing this webinar.

When I told my team about it they were very nervous…

“Michael, what if they just steal your secrets and do it themselves?”

I said, “That’s OK. That’s what I WANT them to do.”

Yes, I want you to steal my ideas…ideas that generated nearly $3 million in new deposits in just 90 days for the client I’m going to tell you about.

And could do the same for you if your bank qualifies.

Here are some of the deposit secrets you’ll be able to “steal”…

  • A boring and little-known product that can boost your deposits fast… I’ll show you a fill-in-the-blank method you can use on your own products & services to increase deposits
  • My process for how to take an underperforming product and turn it into a deposit machine
  • My favorite ‘secret’ traffic sources. Yes, there’s more (and better) traffic sources than Google and Facebook for growing deposits
  • How to design your landing page for more conversions…and more deposits.
  • My ‘3M Triangle’ for finding the holes in your products and services…and how to plug them to increase deposits.


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