Who Let The Dogs Out

By October 16, 2019Banking

Back in April, I wrote a detailed analysis of Chase bank and how regulators secretly halted JPMorgan Chase’s growth for years.

But today, “the secret shackle is gone”, Bloomberg reported.

Two things from the article that caught my attention immediately:

“Regulators have approved plans by big banks such as JPMorgan Chase to expand into everyday America and make acquisitions.” 

“Banks struck more mergers and acquisitions in the first five months of this year than during any full year in the past decade, according to S&P Global data.”

The current industry trend really has polarized into two camps: “acquire” or “be acquired,” whether you like it or not.

You may say, “Only a mega bank like Chase reap the benefits. That doesn’t apply to me…”

I disagree because I see opportunities.

1. For bigger banks that have the financial advantage, it might be a shopping season for them to scope up smaller banks to become bigger. They instantly become a target for acquisition because investment banks are looking for more deals.

2. For smaller banks, you are in a good position. If you expect more, more people come knocking at your door to buy your bank.

The common thread (whether you are a big or small bank) is how to increase your bank’s valuation to maximize your shareholders’ values.

And how can you maximize your shareholders’ values?

By increasing the bank’s asset valuation

And how can you increase asset valuation?

By getting more deposits to make loans, and thus, create more assets in your book. 

So, getting more deposits is really the name of the game.

And that’s exactly what you are gonna learn from my webinar.

I can show you how one of my clients took these strategies, implemented them, and achieved big deposit growth fast!

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Now, this client of mine is NOT a megabank. It’s a hardworking, small-town community bank like yours.

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If your bank qualifies, I could do the same for you!

This is not the time to sit back and relax. Your competitors are not waiting for you, especially those who are not playing by the rules like internet banks and fin-tech.

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